Thursday, December 31, 2009

Day 265 of 365: A Year in Review

Well, really this should have been just about my last blog post, but with the months/weeks/days I have missed (including this week), I'm behind by 100 Oh well.

But anyroad! Since today is New Year's Eve, I just wanted to recap 2009, because it has been an amazing year.

The best thing that's happened to me this year was getting married to Ian:

I made the big step and moved to England:

I made some amazing friends in Jamie, Alan, and Josy:

Had great times with other friends and my English family:

Went to Germany, The Netherlands, and Yorkshire to see the sights and catch up with really good friends:

I got to meet the ever so adorable Veerle for the first time:

Got to go to my first football match:

Mel and Rob got engaged!:

And Ian and I moved into our first place together:

All and all, it's been a pretty amazing year, and I can't wait for 2010.

Things to look forward to next year:
-Our 1 year wedding anniversary
-Jamie and Alan having their baby
-Mel moving to England
-My Dad and Pam coming out for two weeks for the blessing
-The blessing itself
-And many, many more!!!

So, I hope everyone has a safe night tonight, and congrats to those that have had a big and wonderful 2009. And big ups to the ladies that made the move over the pond this year as well....we're quite the brave souls. :) Here's also to those that will hopefully be making the journey to England next year!

Happy New Year!!!

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