Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day 258 of 365: Oh Come All Ye Faithful

Gotta love Matt and Kathryn in their Santa hats!

The quiz tonight was quite the laugh. Another team got us all a HUGE coffee mug that says "Size Matters" on it (our team is called Size Doesn't Matter). We sat drinking, eating sweets that were stuffed into the mug, and answering the questions to the Christmas themed quiz. We came in 2nd out of 8 teams though, which is not bad!

The rest of the day? I went to ASDA to do a bit of shopping for Christmas dinner and also for the Resident's Christmas party on Thursday. I picked up the film White Christmas for £6, which is not bad, and will show the residents on Christmas Eve.

And we're due to get snow tomorrow! We shall see....

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