Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day 263 of 365: Boxing Day

It's Boxing first official one.

Now, I THINK normally people go out and shop and party, but today we had the family come over to eat and celebrate. Was a nice evening. Ian did most of the cooking, so I did the cleaning up tonight. Plus, today was my day to drink (lol).

A small selection of the food we had to offer

We played "I Spy" for awhile, which was fun. Then after my BIL's family left, we played the Wii for about an hour or so. Good fun there as well.

Dawn, Alex, Yogi, and Ian (being a cheek for the camera)

Kathryn and Carrick

I don't mind boxing day one bit. :)

On another note, I spoke with my Mom and brother last night on the phone for the first time in months, and one of the first things my Mom said to me was that I have a British accent now. Don't know how she feels about that...

Anywho, I'm off to play the Wii a bit more. I fancy doing a little archery before going to bed.

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