Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Day 260 of 365: ARG!!!

Today, was by far, the worst day I have had in a really long time.

First, Ian phoned and suggested I not drive to work early and I noticed how icy the street was, so I phoned work to let them know I was going to be late.

So, when it was safe to head out, I went out and warmed up the car. I got out at one point to wipe the ice off the wiper blades, and somehow the doors locked. So, I was locked out of the car while it was running, as well as locked out of the house because everything was in the car. I didn't have my mobile to phone Ian because that was locked in the car as well, so I went to my landlord to get the spare key...

...which, I didn't know, he didn't have one.

He was able to break into my house through a window, and his son climbed in to open the door. I ran upstairs to get the spare key and call Ian, and couldn't find the key. So I had a bit of a mental break down on the phone with him.

After finding out where the key was, I got into the car, turned it off, and took my landlord a copy of our key.

Work was crazy as well because it was the residents' Christmas party tonight (which went VERY well).

But, I was going to call Ian before I left to drive back home, and saw I had a missed call from him. He informed me that we had a large leak in our lounge ceiling and he thought that it might collapse if the rain kept on. It also ran into our light and blew that out.

The dripping has stopped, and this is the aftermath:

And it was so lovely, all white, before.

So, tomorrow I may not go to work because we need to wait for the landlord AND the repairman to arrive. Plus, we'll probably be up off and on throughout the night to check and make sure the ceiling doesn't start to drip again. It's due to rain all night too (lovely!).

HOPEFULLY tomorrow will be much better than today.

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