Monday, December 14, 2009

Day 252 of 365: I Love Spontanious Things

Today was a bit of a crazy day at work. The inspectors are going to be coming in between now and Christmas, so everyone is walking on eggshells.

But, I will say that I love activities that are not planned.

Today I started my "revamped" activities, which is basically try to get as many people in one room that I can that wants to attend the programs. The morning went well, discussing the war and how the British Army saw the American soldiers during WWII. Quite interesting. :)

But this afternoon, some of the ladies were feeling quite bored, so I grabbed some paper, and these cut outs I have, and the ladies and I made this colourful bouquet of flowers to hang on the wall.

I must say, I love it. :)

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