Friday, December 25, 2009

Day 262 of 365: Simply Having a Wonderful Christmastime!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas Day today. :) What were some things that you did?

Ian and I had a lovely lie in this morning, then woke up and had a bucks fizz (which, I do not suggest if you are a lightweight drinker AND you've not had anything to eat for over 8 hours due to sleep).

Then we hemmed and hawed as to whether or not to have breakfast (it was a no). We watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, then prepared our Christmas dinner. We had lovely honey glazed ham, veg, roast potatoes, cranberry and cashew stuffing, and I had cranberry sauce and a bit of sweet potato. It was delicious.

Our friend Mel phoned as well today, so big shout out to her! :) Mel and her fiance, Rob, got us a really cute calendar with pictures of the 4 of us throughout the last year or so. VERY cute and sweet, so thanks again, you two!

We watched Elf afterwards. Ian had a little laugh fest. Was nice. :)

After Elf and my shower, we opened presents (yay!). Ian got me some really cool things this year.

Some original Beatles items (woo hoo!):

A couple of CDs, this Weenicon of John Lennon (WAY cute), and a DVD Marilyn Monroe collection (since I didn't bring all of my films over with me, plus the majority from the collection were ones I didn't even have in the States). Then Matt and Carol got me a lovely bath set.

I got Ian new slippers, 4 books, 2 CDs, a Spurs scarf, a lazer gun for the Wii, and the new Call of Duty game (which my sister-in-law, K, went in on with me). Also got him some good smellies from Mary Kay.

The aftermath of opening presents:

After presents we went to Kathryn and Yog's house for tea/supper. We watched TV (did anyone see Eastenders!!?!!), ate finger foods, and I had a long (but lovely) conversation with Yog's step-mom, Pauline. She asked me lots of questions about

Now, we're home, and I'm just waiting to call my Mom and brother back. I had called once and got the answering machine, so needed to wait a bit I think to try back.

So, hope everyone had a lovely day!!! And don't drink TOO much on Boxing Day. :p

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