Saturday, December 19, 2009

Day 257 of 365: Brave Soul

Ian dropped me off in Winchester today so I could finish the Christmas shopping. Thankfully, I had phoned my SIL, K, on the way in and she informed me that she and Yog were coming in as well, so we met up in front of Waterstone's.

Had a nice cup of coffee outside (and it was blinking freezing today!) Yog went off to do his own thing, and K and I stayed together to shop.

We went by Winchester Cathedral and checked out the Christmas market, as well as K picking up tickets to go ice skating there on Monday. The radio station, Heart, was there, so we went up to a member of the promotions team and got these lovely reindeer antlers and wore them around the rest of the city:

So, after picking up Subway for Ian and I (I think two of the guys working there were on the pull as well! lol), and taking the bus, I've wrapped all the gifts up and have been thinking Did I spend TOO much money?

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