Thursday, December 24, 2009

Day 261 of 365: Happy Christmas Eve!

Ian and I got to have a bit of a lie in this morning, which was nice since Ian got up every few hours last night to make sure the leaking ceiling wasn't dripping anymore.

The landlord and repairman came by quite early this morning, so Ian drove me into work around lunch time. The repairman did a "temporary fix" in our neighbor's place (which is where the leak originally began due to a hole in the roof), and will fix it properly after the New Year. Our neighbor is now spending Christmas somewhere else, because her ceiling in her kitchen is now falling apart, and her wooden floor is so wet that it would squish a bit, and the heating in our places is NOT good.

I showed White Christmas to the residents in the day centre, which was really nice (even though I ran around making hot chocolate, taking people to and from the toilet, and escorting people back to their rooms). We had a total of 18 residents, and only 4 were left at the end of the 115 minute film. Atleast I live and learn and now know not to show as long of a movie anymore.

My boss, Jan, wanted to say thank you to those she felt worked really hard, and gave me a bottle of champagne, which I thought was really nice. She said "You're a star!" which made me feel pretty durn special. lol

This evening though was spent cooking tea, drinking another large glass of mulled wine, and watching Ian prepare the sprouts for our dinner tomorrow:

Can't believe I'm spending my first Christmas with Ian tomorrow, and the first one ever I've not spent with my family in the States. Weird.

So now that the mulled wine has really made me sleepy, I think it'll be time to go to sleep here.

Hope everyone has a very Happy Christmas!!

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