Monday, December 21, 2009

Day 259 of 365: Durn it!

I said in yesterday's post that we were due to get snow today. And we really did!

I had never seen snowflakes so fat before in my life.

In the middle of the afternoon I got my phone and took a photo of the courtyard at work:

By the time I left work you couldn't really see much of the pavement in the parking lot. And I still don't have a snow brush (do they even sell them here?!), so I wiped off my car with my glove, and prayed for the best. I was nervous driving, because it's the first REAL snowfall I've driven in here in England (did it for over a decade in Ohio, I know...). Lots of roads were closed on the way home, but as I was heading out of work and towards Winchester, I was literally basically sitting still for about 45 minutes in this traffic jam:

I was at the head of the queue at one point, and tried to turn left into the city so I could go through the one-way system just so I could go in the opposite direction, but of course, no one let me in. So, once there was a break, I made my move.

Long story short, it took me over 2 hours to get home tonight. And the most I drove, the more I thought I really am fine! It's everyone else that's holding me up! Everyone just needs to remember to not go TOO slow (the constant hitting of the breaks because someone ahead is going slow could cause someone to skid), and to pump your break instead of slamming on it, and it would all go quite well!

Well, now that I've had two glasses of mulled wine (YUM by the way!), and it's nearing 10pm, plus I have a Dr.s appointment before work tomorrow, I need to get some sleep....

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