Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 266 of 365: New Year's Day

A bank holiday where I have another day off, but unfortunately, Ian was on call.

He had to go down past Chichester today to do a repair, so I went along for moral support/the ride/some company.

Ian and I got into the van and couldn't go anywhere because an old bus had pulled up and parked.

Now, this is the usual bus stop, buuuttt...people were getting out of the bus and taking pictures of it while standing on the side. So, hopefully somewhere someone got Ian's work van in the shot.

So, I "stooped to their level" and took photos of the people taking photos of the bus:

Oh, and after the bus moved and we could move, we had to follow it up the road a minute or two and there was a guy taking a photo of the thing driving out of our village! What a way to spend New Year's

Anyways, so today was a good day. Made honey ham again for tea tonight, along with veg, sprouts, mashed potatoes (which is my specialty), and some rolls. Now I'm warm thanks to the glass of wine.

And tomorrow I get to experience another first - my first rugby match.

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