Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 267 of 365: It Makes No Sense....

Rugby, that is....

Went to watch the London Welsh vs. Exeter match this afternoon with Ian, one if his bosses, and his boss's family. And it was bloody FREEZING!!!

I had NO clue what was going on with the match. It's nothing like American football (which I thought it would be). But basically, it was just guys running around in short shorts, some wearing foam helmets (I called them the "special ones"), and dog piling each other.

Oh well...chock this one up to experience!

Afterwards Ian and I went to my SIL, Cheryl's place for tea and some Beatles RockBand (my nephews wanted me to play with them, and yet I only sang one song and the boys wouldn't even let me touch the guitar or drums).

Now, home for bed.

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