Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 281 of 365: Books...Check 'Em Out

I finished Juliet, Naked today, and if you love Nick Hornby, I highly recommend that you check this book out. The ending left everything open for a possible sequel book, which would be rather cool.

So now that I've finished my Hornby book, Ian has requested that the only book I read until I get my UK driving license is this one below:

I'm not doing too bad when I go through the questions. There are a few that I didn't know answers to, buuuttt....they give explanations as to why the answers are what they are.

So HOPEFULLY if I read it religiously for a few weeks I'll feel confident enough to book my theory test, take a few more driving lessons, then book my practical test.


  1. OMG this brings back nightmares! haha Andy was like a right pain in my butt when he wanted me to read my Theory book. "Why aren't you reading it?" "Want me to quiz you?" "Have you read some today?" SOOOOO glad that is over! When is your year anniversary in the UK?

  2. Whoops.. Should have read the other posts first. You have three months. I had less then that. However my Father in Law did pay for me to take an intensive course for 3-4 days in Blackpool so that helped me pass. :) Good Luck!!! xx