Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 273 of 365: Snowmen, Old Ladies, and Snuggies

FINALLY took a photo of the snowman that they made at work when I was home on Wednesday. Apparently some of the old dears sat and watched as one of the line managers, and our registered manager's son built the snowman. I have to say though, that the snow has made everyone work together at work, annndd the atmosphere is getting better. If only we could do away with some of the negative people, it would be MUCH better.

Anyways, Ian took me to and from work again today. Got in and our Snuggies had arrived!

And, btw, if my husband sees that I've posted this photo, he'll kill me. :p Taken on the sly with my mobile:

We're like kangaroos now because the Snuggies have a pocket in the front!

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