Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day 223 of 365: Boarding all Passengers

Attention all passengers, Concord is now about to take off! I'll be your stewardess for this flight.

O.k., so the drive to Loch Ness was MUCH longer than Ian and I thought it would be. Sooooo....after checking some emails, putzing on the hotel computers (£1 for 20 minutes...better than the airport atlesat), we decided to drive 45 minutes east of Edinburgh to check out the National Museum of Flight.

It was cold and rainy, but thankfully most of the exhibits were inside. There was also a really cool interactive bit that Ian and I enjoyed. It was for children, but who said we're not kids at heart?!

Also, since we had the hired car, and there was lots of space in the parking lot, Ian wanted to see if I could start, move, and stop a manual car without stalling it. And you know what? I DID! :) Sooo....within the next few months I will be taking some more driving lessons, but in a manual.


After getting back I really wanted to go to this Christmas store by the Castle. So Ian and I trekked up the hill once again, only to purchase nothing because it was so pricey!

But, the Castle at night was quite beautiful...

Tomorrow it's off to Yorkshire to see our friend Roger!

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