Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day 202 of 365: Money...That's What I Want

Went to Sainsbury's after work today to pick up a few things, as well as get fuel...this is all I had left after getting everything I needed.

Now, yesterday I had tried to get fuel on the way home, but I couldn't get the gas cap open. Soooo....I felt like an idiot at the fuel station.

So I asked Ian why he screwed the darn thing on so tight.

Little did I know that in England you have to use your key to open your gas cap!!! We don't do that in the States.

So, I used the key today (no problems) but I went in to pre-pay, and the guy working behind the counter was like, "We don't do pre-pay here" and some other woman customer was laughing at me because I said "Oh, well, I'm just used to doing that." Bugger!

But, after all that, I successfully got 15 GBP's worth of fuel. Enough to JUST get me through the rest of the work week.

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