Monday, September 7, 2009

Day 201 of 365: I See Trees of Green.....

....and other colors too?! Can you see the bit of yellow peeking through?

The leaves are changing already.

But I must say, I can't wait to see the trees changing. I'm going to be in awe while driving to work once it REALLY gets going.

So today was pretty uneventful at work, although the quote of the day is definitely from a resident. She had her birthday yesterday, and I was reading cards to her.

Since my b-day is next month, I asked her how old she thinks I will be. She said "Oh, I think 20." I said "Well, thank you, but I'll be 28!"

She then said very seriously, "Well, I've only seen you in the dark, really...."

I busted up laughing. Bless her! :)


So Ian and I tested out our walking boots today taking about a 2 mile walk around Romsey.

They were quite comfy.

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