Monday, September 14, 2009

Day 208 of 365: Fiiiirreeee

Had fire safety training today for work.

I left the house before 8am to get there for 9am...only because I had to pass the M3 entrances and whatnot to get there. So I left early, per Ian's suggestion.

I got there at 8:15am. LOL

We learned about fires (obviously), used extinguishers, went into a smoke room, got to wear some gear, and I even got soot on my face. I didn't do too well though on the extinguisher, because I was a bit scared, buuutt...eventually I put the fire out. Wish I would've had my phone to take a photo of my colleagues and I in the gear.

So now I'm watching the clouds roll by debating on whether or not I should wash the car. I'm afraid that if I do so, it'll just rain shortly after. Decisions decisions......

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