Sunday, September 27, 2009

Day 221 of 365: A Day in Cologne

Photo(s) to come after I get the disk in the post

Today Ian and I got a tour around Cologne from Mel.

We woke up, had a lazy breakfast, and then headed into the city.

There we spent lots of time looking at Cologne Cathedral, which I absolutely fell in love with. Beautiful. And, the bones of The Three Wise Men are inside.

We walked around even more afterwards. Mel showed us a spot where they're digging up an old Roman bath.

We went to the Lindt chocolate factory as well..where we got a free piece. :)

Then we took a photo at the "usual spot" next to the bridge.

Was a wonderfully, beautiful day. I really liked Cologne, but also, the weekend brought Mel and I closer together, I think. She and I got to talk a lot more, which was nice. Looking forward to her move to England in 6 months time. :)

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