Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 216 of 365: Mmmmm mmmmmmm good!

My first kebab since moving to England.

It's basically a gyro, only without the Greek sauce.


Jamie mentioned once that kebabs are really good when you're pissed, although I may just eat mine when I'm sober, thankyouverymuch...lol. But I believe her! Kebabs to the English is like Taco Bell to Americans.

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  1. Kebabs are one of those foods I miss when I'm in the States, and now I'm magically craving one after seeing your piccie :P We had fish and chips last night so I don't know if I can talk the hubby into take away two nights in a row, but I'd murder a kebab right about now.

    ...and Steve also says that kebabs are awesome stomach liner food for pub nights. He usually has one (or a curry) before going out for beers, and he had one the other night on the way home from 5 pints of beer and a shot of sambuca :) (I would of had one, but I was a bit too tipsy for food at that point v.v)