Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day 84 of 365: White Queen

Had my final dress fitting this evening. Nevermind my crappy hair. It's been weird lately because it's desperate for a trim (which will happen this coming Saturday).

The dress was a tent before, and now it fits light a glove. I've never had anything fit me so perfectly before.

The woman that did my alterations, Lisa, was SO excited to see me when I arrived. She said "I've been waiting for this day!" since she basically had to reconstruct my entire dress. She said "I felt like a dress maker again!" She gushed more than my Mom did when she saw me in the

But yeah, Lisa was afraid I had lost more weight (she said I looked thinner), and she was also afraid I didn't have enough boobage to fill out the top, but it all worked out.

So now it's hanging in my room in the new garment back which is WAY too big for my dress. My veil is pressed and looking lovely.

Now all I need is my groom arrive tomorrow and to break in my shoes a bit

Hopefully I get some sleep tonight! We're still very worried that Ian won't get in tomorrow. *sighs*


  1. Look at you, pretty!!

    I was going to leave a comment on your Sunday blog for your big day tomorrow, but I see Ian has kept you otherwise occupied since his arrival...which is totally okay and understandable.

    Hope your day is beautiful!!