Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Day 61 of 365: I Call Your Name

Today was a typical day at work. Although, my residents are driving me nuts lately. I can't satisfy ANYONE anymore.

Sooo...told one of my residents that they're going to help me make the calender for April since it seems like no one likes anything I put on there anymore, even though whenever I ask them "What would you like to do next month?" the answer is always "I don't know..." *sighs and rolls my eyes*

But, explination of the photo....this week is Name Appreciation Week. In the morning I gave the residents the meaning of their names, and then in the afternoon we did these name crafts. Basically I had to do about 8 of these, and had to write out all the letters for them.....only a few were able to cut out their own stuff. Oh well, they came out nicely though.

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