Friday, March 6, 2009

Day 64 of 365: Hey You With the Wedding Dress On

Soooo....had my fitting for alterations today. Had to go on my own since everyone was busy, but that's o.k. Took a bit longer than I expected.

Wasn't going to post the dress photos, but Beth said she wants to see, so I figure why not. lol

Here's a shot of the back. I never had one taken when I initially tried dresses on.

Then, full length (remember to look at my leg there, Beth! John Lennon! :D)

The killer though was that alterations cost more than I paid for my dress because the seamstress has to take in 4 inches worth of material, plus fixing the top so she doesn't have to take in a ton on the back, AND take in the chest. *sighs* She also told me not to lose ANY more weight until after the wedding.

Oh'll all be worth it. :)

I pick the dress up for the final fitting the 25th. I COULD'VE done all that on Friday, the 27th, but decided to spare Ian the boredom of going and dealing with the girly stuff.

Can't believe it's around the corner. YIPEE!