Sunday, March 15, 2009

THEME OF THE WEEK: Things I WON'T Miss in England....Day 74 of 365

I decided that since the wedding is only two weeks away, I want to reflect on my American life. This week's theme is Things I Won't Miss in England. Either because they have them there, or I just don't like them all that much

So, first thing I won't miss is.....

Subway! Why, you ask? Because there was one built in Romsey in October of last year. So all I need to do is walk a mile or so and I can have it whenever I want. Plus, they really are all over Southern England.


  1. It is true they are over here.. but to me they just do not taste the same...

  2. They don't have provolone cheese. They only have 'white cheese' (seriously, that's what the guy called it) which is really just American cheese. :-(