Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Day 70 of 365: God Save the Queen

I'm a huge dork. These were my findings at the library today when I wentto get things for work.'s not just for my own pleasure. The residents want to learn about the Royal Family before I leave, so the Monday before Ian arrives I'll be doing an hour long lecture/lesson on those famous Brits. I'm sure some of the information will come in handy when I take my Life in the UK test. Also, if Fred is around I might ask him to help me out.

Annnndd.....the really big wheelchair was still at work today. Anthony and I laughed about it ALL day, and FINALLY had our photo taken with it. And yes, I look exhausted...because I am


  1. Oh my! That IS a huge wheelchair!! What is the purpose!?

    My dad bought me a few DVDs on the Monarchy, saying "if you are going to be a subject, you might as well know who these people are". Good thinking, Dad!

  2. The wheelchair was issued by hospice, buuuttt the person that ordered it thinks the resident is HUGE, when he's a normal sized human So now everyone is just waiting for the chair to be picked up. The only place to store it is in the hallway because it doesn't fit in the bedroom.

    And yes...will be researching over the next few weeks. Your Dad is quite wise. :)

  3. Unless one of those books tells you where the UK set up immigration booths in the 1950's to promote immigration and for what reason.. they are not going to help with the Life in the UK test. ;) But will be fund to read thru them all the same. lol