Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Day 69 of 365: And Empty Clothes that Fall on Empty Chairs

This may look like, possibly, a regular wheelchair. What you don't see is that it's HUGE. I sat it in, and literally two of me could've sat in it. And what I don't get is, it's for a resident that isn't as big as that chair. *shrugs*

Also, we got a new resident in this past weekend. His name is Fredrick, and he's from Birmingham, and absolutely lovely. I kept telling him I wanted to take him home with me to keep me company. He's having surgery tomorrow, so HOPEFULLY all goes well. Will go and visit him on Friday if he's back in the facility.

And I'm absolutely knackered to bits this evening. Made some biscuit pizzas for Michael and I tonight...they turned out nicely.


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