Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 71 of 365: I Put Some New Shoes On

Today was very uneventful. Was actually VERY tired, and dealing with stressful things (like, trying to get my younger brother to buy a half way decent outfit for the wedding..).

Soooo....the only picture worthy moment was when I took my NEW wedding shoes out of the box to put them on to start breaking them in.

The other ones, which I got in the mail, were WAY too big and I sent them back today. So I went to David's Bridal last night and purchased the ones you see above. Woot!


  1. My little brother wore Converse All-Stars for his OWN wedding. So it can't be that bad, hehe.

  2. Oh ... am I supposed to be breaking in my wedding shoes?!!? I hadn't thought of that!

  3. Cute!!! If you don't mind me much were they? If they're reasonably priced it could be worth a trip to David's.