Friday, April 9, 2010

Day 318 of 365: We Are All Made of Stars

Absolutely GORGEOUS day today...

...but no time to really enjoy it because around 10am this morning, I met a woman that would decide the fate of my working career at the residential home.

It was the inspector from the CQC!!!

We had been waiting for months and months to have our "make or break" inspection. Was supposed to happen shortly after Christmas. But, it's now past Easter and it's finally happening.

Everyone working today had a short interview with her. She walked around the home. She looked at care plans. We all waited with baited breath. the end of the normal working day, we got the news.

We got the star that we needed to stay open and start admitting new residents!!!!!

The inspector said she wanted to give us 2 stars, but it's not something that can happen (to go from zero stars to two). So....they'll be back in October and if things are still going well or have gotten even better (which I'm hoping things'll get MUCH better), we can bump up to 2 stars!!

Definitely a wonderful day. It's nice to know that none of the residents have to move somewhere else.

And my co-worker, Jean, got me flowers as a way of saying thank you for driving her up to Basingstoke for our food training course a few weeks ago.

Now I'm absolutely knackered, and about to head out to dinner with Ian, Jon, and Amanda. :)

And also, thank you to Kathryn and Cheryl for picking me up from work today!!!!

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