Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 315 of 365: Chirp Chirp

O.k....so this is a bit of a cheat entry today, because I didn't actually take the photo. It was taken by Jenny T, the kitchen assistant at work (she's a sweetheart, btw).

These little feathery things are the baby chicks that hatched over Easter weekend. My boss and I got a flyer in the post about a company called Living Eggs. So, we thought it would be adorable for Easter so we had it all set up. They were delivered early last week when I was on holiday, and today was the first day I had seen them. I picked them up, changed their bedding, almost killed them (the light fixture blew the bulb off of the unit and it shot across the box...the poor chicks! It LITERALLY scared the poop out of them), had some of the residents hold the chicks, and one of the carers and I gave most of them a bath in the sink in the toilet to wash the poo off their bums.

They go to a hobby farm this coming Saturday, but we still want to keep them. Just a shame that we no longer have grass in our courtyard because they could live out there free of harm. Oh well....hopefully they will go to a good home.

But aren't they adorable?!

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