Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day 312 of 365: Lordy Lordy!

Nice swim trunks, honey! :P

Ian and Kathryn are 40!!!

The Husband and K turned 40 today. Can't believe it, really.

They both got lots of cards, K got some lovely treats (like skincare, and massage vouchers, etc). Had a dinner out at the local pub, The Dolphin Inn. It was Ian, Kathryn, Yog, Matt, Carole, Lucy, Chris, Spencer, and I. We also took part in the pub quiz and came in 10th out of 16 teams...although, the Abbey Hotel need to do what The Dolphin does and give EVERYONE a prize. We got some Smarties Easter eggs.

After everything was finished, Ian, K, Yog, Lucy, Chris, and I came back to the house to drink, laugh, and eat some cake.

Was a lovely evening. :)

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