Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 316 of 365: I Love....

...that spring has arrived.

I was able to have the day off today from work because I was owed a day from my holiday. Since I can't drive the car at the moment, and I had an appointment with the asthma nurse at the surgery right smack dab in the middle of the day, I took the bus into Winchester.

On the way in, I saw a woman with one of those personal, shopping trolley carrier thingies on the bus.

Little did I know that I had to sit next to her on the way back into the city, and she talked to the WINDOW the WHOLE TIME!!! When we got to the bus station, as soon as those doors opened I zoomed out.

Had a lovely walk around the city though, looking for hats for the residents for Ascot Day, and picked up a cheese and onion pasty and just HAD to look at this while I ate my lunch:

I love the cathedral. There were lots of children around today though. I think since it's Easter break for schools lots of kids had trips down this way to check out the historical city.

Also had a pretty good driving lesson today. Only 8 days until the test. *craps a brick*

Now.....time to make tea!

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