Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day 301 of 365; A Taste of America

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Ian and I met up with Lucy and Chris today at Fleet Services and headed to Aldershot to do some American food shopping. :)

Chris and I were in awe of the shop....although he and Lucy purchased more things for their friends than for

Out loot waiting to be taken home

I heard one little English boy say "What kind of sweet shop is this?!" His mum answered "An American one." He then replied "Where are the sweets then?!?!?!"

Buuutt...the whole experience was awesome. We went into the city center afterwards and had some Burger was a regular ol' American day!

We also learned that there is more to offer on the website than actually out on the store floor. It's a tiny place, really...but the store room was packed. The owner was there, and explained why prices are high on American food products (shipping, etc), but if you order £50 or more from the online store, then shipping is free. I say take advantage of it if you can afford it!

Our loot laid out on the counter

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