Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 298 of 365: A Taste of the "Old Life"

Had a BEAUTIFUL day today.

Met up with Lucy and Chris and it was a great few hours. The time went by REALLY fast, actually. Just had a few drinks at a pub not far from Lucy and Chris's house. Unfortunately, didn't take a photo with them, but Ian and I are meeting up with them next weekend to do American food shopping at a place in Aldershot.

We then said goodbye to Lucy and Chris, and headed off to Stonehenge. We got there at 3:58pm and the darn place closed at 4:00pm, so we couldn't go in. Buuutt....took nice photos from outside the fence:

Afterwards we went into Salisbury to have a bite to eat and to show Jamie and Alan the city and cathedral. As we were walking to the cathedral, we walked by a sweet shop where there were some American products in the window. They were selling a box of Fruit Loops for £9.99! We thought it was mad!

But, Jamie and I DID both pay £1.40 for a small pack of Twizzlers. Pricey, I know, but BOY was it worth it!

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