Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 294 of 365: In Like a Lamb....

Can't believe it's March already. I know yesterday was the first, but I was so wrapped up in my theory test, I wasn't paying much attention.

Now, today...the sun was shining....big, fluffy, white clouds in the sky, and the crocuses are starting to come up. Thankfully, some of the staff took some of the residents for walks in wheelchairs today, taking advantage of the weather. One of the carers told me about a flowery spot, so in the afternoon I took one of the ladies out.

But, before work, I had to go to the Dr. My knee has been playing up ever since I whacked it on the toilet....plus my asthma has been really bad. The Dr. put me on a prevention inhailer. Haven't been on one of those is atleast a decade.

While I was waiting for the Dr. thought I was flipping through a home decorating magazine, and saw an ad for this:

A Beatles couch! VERY cool. :)

Annndd....even though I left work a little bit later today, the temperature sure is warming up:

Spring is right around the corner....I can feel it. :)

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