Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 299 of 365: Holy Holy Holy..

Went into Winchester today to show Jamie and Alan around. Jamie had a rough time walking last night by the end of the evening, so we wanted to take it easy today.

We went into Winchester Cathedral to look around. Jamie, Alan, and I went off to just explore, while Ian read the memorial plaques on the wall (since he had never done that before).

The three of us went up to the altar after awhile, and a volunteer tour guide heard Jamie and I speak and said "You ladies aren't from around here, are you?" We explained we live here now, but said where we're from originally. The volunteer then said "Ah, did you know that there are American connections here in the cathedral?" He showed us some kneeling pillows that had images of things that are now located in America, he took us to the crypt and explained about the statue down there, and also pointed out this window to us. Make sure you click on the second photo to read what the window says:

Also, I never realised that Jane Austen was buried in the cathedral:

After we left the cathedral, we went and shopped around just a little bit, and had some lunch. Jamie and Alan came back to ours for a little bit, then headed off to go back home.

I miss them already!


  1. This is too funny! Andy and I are taking a road trip in April [we hope] and this was on my list to go to because of Jane Austen! Can't wait even more for us to make our trip.. :)

  2. Ohhh...when are you coming down? Because if we're around we should meet up! What do you think?