Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day 357 of 365: I'll Walk with You

Ian and I went for an exploratory walk this afternoon to 1) check out the area and 2) get in some fitness!

Ian promised me that if I studied for my Life in the UK test and took it soon, that he would get serious about exercise and losing some weight with me. So today we went on our first walk. Nothing strenuous because it was day 1, but we walked up a hill to find a cemetery that Ian had seen on Google maps.

We found what could possibly be a grave to one of the women that used to live in our cottage before us as well. There are two headstones in the cemetery that have the woman's surname, so will have to ask the landlord which woman it is for sure.

We figured if we walk the walk we did every evening after we get in from work, it'll take us about an hour and once we're fit enough to do the walk without getting TOO out of breath, then we'll move on to a further distance.

Sounds good to me!

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