Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 361 of 365: Ka-Boom!

Had a really awesome day with Ian and Chris.

Ian and I saw a few weeks ago a poster for an event called Blast From the Past in Romsey, and we thought "Chris and Lucy might like this!" so invited them along. Unfortunately, Luce had some family things to do, so she dropped Chris off this morning and the three of us headed to Romsey for the event.

We parked up at my MIL's and walked down to Broadlands where the event was being held.

We saw EVERYTHING! This event was MUCH better than our D-Day out. They had everything set up from the Vietnam War, WWII, cowboys and indians, the American Civil War, Zulu, Romans, you name it, they had it....

A few examples:

Medieval Soldiers

American Civil War (Union Soldiers)

Our personal favorite: Ian and I wearing helmets in a WWII English bunker


The walk back from Broadlands just about killed us, and it down poured on us twice, but we didn't care.

After relaxing a bit and freshening up, we went to The Dolphin and had a drink and some food. Then Lucy we came back to the house and chatted for a couple of hours. Lucy gave me some great tips about the cats, AND she also told Ian and I about a nice place in Andover we will hopefully get a chance to go and see this week and rent out after our lease is up here. We love the cottage where we live, we just don't like the village we live in. Plus, we'll be half a mile away from Lucy and Chris.

And speaking of Chris, the day really DID wipe him out:

Good night!

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