Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 364 of 365: Saturday Fun

Lookie lookie who I married!

Ian has had a beard for over a month now, and I've grown to really love the look on him. So today when I was doing laundry and whatnot, and I heard the beard trimmer going I said "Oh no! You're getting rid of it!"

I didn't see Ian because as soon as he was finished with his trim, I hopped in the shower. When I came down stairs he was reading so I couldn't see his face until he unveiled the Hitler 'stache!

I busted up laughing and asked him if he would keep it for the day. Unfortunately, he only kept it long enough for me to take photos of it.

Anywho....onto the day's events.

Went into Winchester to hand in our notice that we are not staying in the cottage here. We love the place, buuttt...we feel we're not getting much for our money, and need to find some place cheaper so we can start saving money instead of living paycheck to paycheck. Plus, the people in the village are just too snooty. A couple of people I have met are nice, but we're constantly struggling for parking for Ian and getting nasty notes if Ian has to park somewhere else. Not neat.

So we're going to look around the Romsey area. We spoke to my MIL about it and she said "Don't move too far away from me!" Thought that was cute. But we need to be close for her, so we shall see. There was a place in North Baddesley that we liked, but it's being processed at the moment. So we shall see. We have 3 months to find a place, and even if time runs over, my MIL said we could stay with her for a few weeks until we find the best place for us and the boys. It'll be nice to stay put somewhere for atleast a couple of years, because this move will be my 3rd in a year and a But we definitely need a 2 bedroom place now since my Dad and his fiancee, Pam, are going to be coming to visit next year (HOPEFULLY) for two weeks. I can't wait to have them here because I miss them like crazy! Will speak to my Dad more about it tomorrow when Ian and I get in from our date night.

Fingers crossed for all!

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