Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day 225 of 365: You Make Me Sick

Nooooooo photo today, will explain why.

So, today Ian and I were supposed to be heading to Middlewich to spend the next few days with Jamie and Alan.

Well, got a text from Jamie yesterday when we were at Roger's place to phone her.

She is ill. VERY ill.

So, Ian and I were going to stay at Roger's place tonight and tomorrow night, and go into York and Liverpool.

Well, I woke up in the middle of the night with stomach pains. Went to the toilet a lot (will spare the gritty details).

Ian and I went into York thinking I would be fine, but that was stupid of me. I was in SOOOOOOOOOOO much pain. We went to Boots to get some Pepto Bismol, but that didn't help, and I ended up wretching it back up anyway.

So, since I am so ill, and Ian and I had no where to go (because everyone at Roger's house was at work), we decided to end the holiday early. Ian drove us back to Romsey during today while I tossed and turned in the backseat, and upchucked in the front while Ian drove until the sun went down.

Now, I'm laid up in bed feeling absolutely dreadful.....and missing my friends AND Liverpool. Bah!

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