Sunday, October 4, 2009

Day 228 of 365: Fire....*dun dun dun dun* Fire Fire

Guess you can't really sing in a blog title, can you? Oh well..I tried.

Anywho! Nothing really exciting today.

Ian and I took the hired car back to the airport (not Edinburgh, but Southampton). Then I drove us to ASDA to pick up a few things. Their Halloween isle was the biggest I have seen anywhere so far, but Ian pulled me away from it. Darn it! Thursday I will have to take a look....*evil laugh*

When we got in, Ian made us lunch and set this off:

Our smoke detector.

Ian always takes the piss out of me and my cooking because I've set it off once...but today payback was quite funny.

Also feeling a lot better today. My stomach is still slightly sore, and I'm a bit tired still, but should be good to go back to work tomorrow after I stop into the surgery first thing to drop something off.

Back to the pub quiz tonight!

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