Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day 189 of 365: I Got the Toilet Bowl Blues..

So this is the inside of our toilet tank.

Scary, I know.

But it's looked like this for nearly 3 weeks now. Why? Because it hasn't been working. We've had someone come out and look at it twice, and they still haven't fixed it properly. They've replaced the handle twice, and that one you see there is the wrong one. When you flush it lifts the lid of the tank up. So we've removed the lid yet again.

Basically, there isn't enough pressure building up to send the water through to flush. So we have to pump the handle over and over again. It's quite annoying. HOPEFULLY when they come out again on Thursday it'll all be fixed. *fingers crossed*

And this probably seems very wrong to put this in the same blog as one about a toilet...buuttt....

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Hope she's had a wonderful birthday (although I know she's working it). Wish I could be back in the States to celebrate.

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