Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day 168 of 365: Please Talk to Strangers

Stained glass of St. George

My last day of unemployment is today, so I decided that since I kept meaning to go into Romsey Abbey, I would FINALLY do that today.

And I'm glad I did. There were lots of little artifacts that fascinated me.

I was in the section where Lord Mountbatten is buried, and I met a woman named Heather. She is 82 yrs. old and used to be a tour guide for the Abbey. She was just stopping by to see the Abbey, and tends to go in every now and then just to touch a pillar that is the oldest part of the Abbey.

So she and I got to talking, and she gave me my own private tour. I will be showing Ian this weekend what I learned from Heather.

A very interesting woman, and she made being in the Abbey more educational. I walked her out eventually, and we stood in the car park for an hour chatting....I spent 2 hours with a complete stranger! lol

Buuuttt..I really enjoyed myself.

I also had coffee with Kathryn before my visit.

So all and all, I have had a lovely last day of unemployment. :)

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