Monday, August 24, 2009

Day 187 of 365: I'm Walkin, Yes Indeed...

I walked to the post office today for work. Which was cool because I killed two birds with one stone. A resident needed cigarettes (which the store is a post office/news agent) so I also got to post off the wedding card for Josy and Jason!

On the way back, I stopped at St. Mary's church which is across the street from the T junction when I leave work.

I read a few of the headstones, and of course lots were dated to over a century ago. I still find it fascinating whenever I see an old church and the headstones.

Annnddd the all crazy signs that I adore in England. First time I've seen this one in the flesh:


  1. Can you do me a favor.. Can you text me Josy's address. I want to get them a card also! :) x

  2. Those signs crack me up too! And I also love the churches and the headstones, we have one smack in the middle of our high street, which I think is so cool.