Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 286 of 365: Crash, Bang, Boom!

Tonight Ian and I went to IKEA to try and spend the rest of our gift card that his aunt and uncle gave us.

We picked up the new rug that you see above, but the most exciting bit of the evening was our minor car accident at a roundabout.

Basically, someone wasn't signaling when they were coming around, so Ian waited until they passed by. The woman behind us was watching this wanker drive as well, and thought that Ian and I were driving off as opposed to what we were really doing, which was still sitting there.

Next thing we know, BANG! into the back of the car.

We pulled into the bus stop that was nearby and go out to assess the damage. When it first happened I thought we were on fire, because I didn't know how far back the gas tank on the car is, and plus all I saw was steam coming from the exhaust.

Then, as I got out of the car, I called the people that hit us "fuckers," which was a bit dramatic, I know....but I was upset. Ian said while we were still in the vehicle "Well, I DID love this car..."

It was a young girl and her boyfriend that were in the car that hit us. She was quite relieved that no damage was done to either car. Ian and I did tell her though that we had a stiff back and headaches. We exchanged details, and drove off.

So now, we hope that we don't wake up with completely stiff necks tomorrow.

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