Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day 284 of 365: A Really Big (But Quick) Update

So.....I know I've been terrible at keeping up with this thing. Life is taking hold, and quite frankly, the desire of keeping up with the blog lost my interest for a bit.

But now, I decided I need to update. So I shall. :)

Since the last blog post (which is where it said I was approved for my provisional licence)....I got the card and paper part of my licence in the post.

I went to Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Mayflower in Southampton with my SIL K, and her friend, Claire:

Met Ainsley Harriott:

We purchased a new car and named her Aggie:

Ian wore our new bin on his head around HomeBase:

Met some other Northern family of Ian's. We went out to a pub with them called The Trout in Itchen Abbas, where Ian played with his food:

Ian painted the bathroom what I call "Simpsons Yellow":

Our cousin, Darren, celebrated his 40th birthday:

Got to meet the new addition to the family, Baby Bertie:

It's snowed (again...but this time it was hardly anything):

I scheduled my driving theory test for 1st of March *nervous*.

I've gotten my first proper cold since moving to England.

And now it's Valentine's Day!

Soooo....I THINK I've caught up on everything. Will try my darndest to keep up to date with posts....if I keep up at this rate it'll be NEXT year before I finish this

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

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