Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day 94 of 365: Close Your Eyes and I'll Close Mine

Ouuuurrr bedroom.

This is where Ian and I spent most of the day because he's on call this weekend. We've been catching up with The Apprentice. Watching other things. Putzing on the computer. And MUCH needed snuggle and love time.

All day today I've felt like my heart is going to explode with love. It's been awesome.

We didn't spend ALL day in bed though. We went to the bank and added me on to the account (I'm STILL getting used to people calling me "Mrs."). Laura, the woman at the bank, called me Mrs. and I started to giggle. She asked what I was on about, and I said "It still gives me butterflies."

Ian and I also had to go by our friend Jon's place and have the car serviced AGAIN. We may have a gas leak in the BMW. *sighs* We've dumped a lot of money in the car in the past week.....and we MAY just end up trading it in because pretty soon we'll be putting more money into it than Ian paid for it.

Tomorrow if things are slow at work for Ian and he doesn't have to check the phone as much, maybe we'll get to head to The New Forest and go for a walk. I want to see the horses again.

Ope! Tea is almost ready! I'm spoiled....I have a husband that actually LIKES to cook and is making tea tonight.

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  1. He's only making tea for dinner? ;) (kidding!)

    I love this post!! Well up to the part about the car breaking down. I'm glad to hear you are so happy!!!!!!!!!!!