Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 93 of 365: One Toke Over the Line

Today was an o.k. day.

Spent the morning cleaning the kitchen a bit, hung some items out on the clothes line (STILL so strange and new to me!), then went and hung out with my friend Carole for a few hours at her place.

Carole thought that by today, I'd be bored and would like some company. Boy, she was It's a bit lonely during the day when Ian's gone to work, buuuttt....I've tried to keep busy AND I've had some nice conversations with Mum.

Ian and I then met up with K and Yog for a drink and some food. I had this REALLY amazing dish of sweet potato cakes. Oh man.....they had leeks and onions and in this creamy cheese sauce. Heaven on a plate.

So yeah. Not much planned for the weekend though because Ian's on call, but atleast we'll get in some good snuggle time.

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