Friday, August 9, 2013

Life Goes On....

Life is going on and on, and it always is.  This is always a good thing, don't get me wrong. 

Sometimes in life, you miss big events that mean a lot to people that you love.  Just the other day, my beautiful niece Courtney got her driver's license.  I am so incredibly proud of her, because I know it isn't easy.  Can't wait to see her behind the wheel when Ian and I go back for our next visit.  Way to go, Courtney!!

Congrats, Courtney!

It's just amazing to see how much the girls have grown over the years.  And it's incredibly strange to go back for visits, and see how much they have changed.  Jackie is growing up fast as well, and although I don't regret moving to England and having a lovely life with my wonderful husband, I sometimes wish I could have the best of both worlds - my nieces AND Ian together.  The only way that would ever happen is if we moved back to Ohio, but we are by no means able to do that at this moment in time.
The gorgeous girls.

The plus side is, at least we get to see each other on visits.  It's never enough time when you visit someone, but it's better than nothing.

Am I weird for feeling a bit "out of the loop" when life goes on and I'm not there to see it?  Do I need to "snap out of it"?  I don't know.  But I hope that one day I will either come to terms with how I'm feeling and deal with it, or it'll just get better with a visit next year.

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