Friday, November 6, 2009

Day 248 of 365: Oh Goodness *slaps forehead*

Sooo...went to update my blog tonight since I've been taking photos all week, and then I realised....

...I packed everything that would hook any camera I have up to my laptop.

Now, I just went through the "electronics box" and couldn't find the stuff, so I must've put them in another box somewhere else.

SOoooooooo.......this blog will not be updates for awhile once I'm crap at this!

Annndd....Sky said that they won't be at our place until the beginning of December to install the phone line, so no internet for quite awhile. I'm going to go crazy. But, I shall still take photos, and will just have to do this HUGE update once we get the internet up and running.

So I guess this is "see you later" for now.

I am going to miss the internet.....

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