Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tis the Season.... feel blah.

I don't feel blah because of Christmas, really....I think it's just been blah leading up to this point in time.

Ian has had some medical difficulties, and the Dr. said he has to lower his stress levels, and since Angel had been tearing up carpet and not really calming down even though he was on medication, we had to give him back up for re-adoption yesterday. I worked, and Ian took Angel back to the shelter. I miss Angel, but it's for the better. Maybe one day Ian and I will be able to get a cat again, but this time Ian said we can get a kitten so we can raise it the way we want it to be and train it and not have problems (even though I love adopting rescue cats).

So Angel's huge scratching post is now being used for the Mummies and Kittens part of the shelter so there is a place for the kittens to climb on, and they said that Angel should be adopted REAL fast.

Ian also got an update on Spike. Spike was adopted about a month after we took him back to the shelter, and his owners really tried with him. He had major health issues that the vet could not figure out (when we had Spike he would poo and also throw up quite a bit). Well, the other night Spike's new owners came downstairs in the morning and found that Spike had passed away in his sleep. I'm more upset about Spike passing than Angel being gone. Angle is a healthy cat and has more of a chance at living. Spike is now gone. So sad.

Now the house seems bigger, and quieter. I have to wash everything that Angel used to sleep on and we need to hoover like mad to get all the cat fur out of the carpet and whatnot.

Hopefully this is all for the better....


  1. I'm so sorry about your kitties.

  2. Patty, I just saw this. I'm so sorry to hear about Spike and Angel. :(