Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy Birthday, To Ya!

Today would have been John Lennon's 70th birthday. It's amazing to think how life would be if he were still alive today.

Ian thinks John would be like Paul - a sell out, making music just for the sake of making music, and still touring to generate millions+ £'s.

I don't think John would've been like that. I don't know if he would still be making music like Paul does today. I think John would've much rather had a simple life, maybe doing a peace rally every now and then, but not tour around like mad. I could see John maybe playing bars or something in NYC, or doing art. I don't think John would've been the man that Ian thinks he would've been.

But even though I never knew you personally, John, I do wish you a very happy birthday. The world loves and misses you.

Other things that happened today:

Ian and I started to pack up some things since we're moving in two weeks time.

We also went and purchased a new sofa for the new place that has a sofa bed in it. That way, when guests come to stay, although the bed is small, atleast they can sleep on it and not on the floor. So Dad, you get your own bed at ours when you visit!

Now, it's time to shift some things over the Mum's for storage for a couple of weeks. Let the fun begin!

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